Little Picasso NYC
313 East 61st Street | New York, NY 10065
(646) 559-1588
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Quote of the Day:

The meaning of life is not to find yourself. The meaning of life is to create yourself.

Art Workshops and Summer Art Camp for kids ages 3 to 10

They will  get MESSY, They will have FUN, They will CREATE and They will EXPERIMENT with Mask Making, 3D OP ART, and learn all about spatial depth perspective at Little Picasso NYC.  Do not wait for last minute to reserve your child’s spot.  Register for one hour art class, 2.5 hour workshops or full day Summer Art Camp.

Art Camp and Workshops for Spring and Summer 2018

Cubism at its’ best by a  6 year old at Little Picasso NYC – 313 E 61 St – NYC  They will get MESSY, They will have FUN, They will create and They will EXPERIMENT with different colors, photos, painting, shapes, clay, texture,animals, cut and paste collages, sculpting, drawing, sketching and print making.  For more info call 646-559-1588

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Art Classes in the FALL 2017 – paper sculpting by the 6-9 year olds

Paper Sculpting Pleated Fanss by Eleanor G 100417The children are using their imagination and motor skills to develop sculptures made of paper and cardboard pieces.  All recycled materials of course.  Fall art classes end December 22nd.  Art Workshops available during Winter Recess. Winter/Spring Session A Art Classes commence in January 2nd 2018.

Summer Art Camp & Workshops are at full swing

While having fun in Summer Art Camp Registration for Fall Art Classes has begun.  646-559-1588 –

summer camp 2014 field of tulips Fall Leaves B 10022014

Summer Art Camp – Scratch Art from Scratch

Art Workshops and Summer Art Camp – The children make their own scratch boards as opposed to using prefabricated scratch boards, then scratch to their heart’s content.  Using oil pastel crayons to create the first layer, then painting with acrylic paint or tempera paint.  Boards are left to dry or using a hair dryer, the scratch art board is ready for scratching.

Summer Art Workshops and Art Camp

Have you registered your child for art camp yet?  Time is running out.  First week of Children’s Movement and Art start June 19th.  Art Workshops available all summer long

  • They will get MESSY
  • They will have FUN
  • They will CREATE
  • They will EXPERIMENT
  • email to
  • call 646-559-1588Project Peace is in progress with Cooper Stellwagon pasting his individual fish in the underwater scene section 101112

We have officially arrived to Spring 2017

The Little Artists are sculpting 3D reliefs with air dry clay

3D Prairie painting By Novella 071712

Fall Leaf Cubism Style

Fall 2016 cubistic leaf 101916October 2016 for ages 5 and up

Fall 2016 The Girl With Umbrella Silhouette – K-2ND GRADE

Girl with umbrella sillohuette Fall 2016  Early Fall fave -TEMPERA PAINT ON RECYCLED PAPER.

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