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Little Triangle MEETS Little Square


Children’s Art Studio

The Birchwood Landscape project

Intern Valentina preparing her birshwood landscape lesson plan B 040813 Natalie Chin and her birchwood landscape painting C 041113

Another hot project at Little Picasso NYC – Children’s Art Studio.  Ages 4 to 8 years old are learning to create a multi-medium painting using oil pastels, water colors and tempera paints.  The birch-wood trees are a popular subject with the kids.  The results are awesome.


Spring Art Projects for children @ Little Picasso – Don’t wait to register for Spring & Summer classes

The winter has passed and finally gone with 3D relief projects all finished.  Now that warm weather is here and summer around the corner, some more exciting projects are in the works.


The 5 year olds and the African Savanna Sunset

I am amazed at how well the little artists follow the demonstrations.  ImageImageImageImageImageImage


The World of Tinting and Shading

This past week the children were learning what happens to color when you add black or whiteImageImage

Welcome Eric Langerman to Little Picasso NYC

Eric Langerman and his Forrest 030413 Eric Langerman and his Forrest B 030413 Eric Langerman and his Forrest C 030413 Eric Langerman and his Forrest D 030413 Eric Langerman and his Forrest E 030413  4 year old Eric just joined our studio and already masters the novelty brushes

The 3D landscape reliefs in the making

There’s nothing more rewarding than watching little artists discover their own talents:  “WOW I CAN DO THIS”ImageImageImage

Children At Art

I am humbled by the children’s purity of thought and their ability to create art pieces through transference – from imagination down to actual creative visual art pieces.  They are my teachers. Here are 2 of my students creating a collage using cut out pieces of recycled paper.  They are 3 1/2 and 4 years old.  To watch them is to love them. Image

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