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The meaning of life is not to find yourself. The meaning of life is to create yourself.

Art Camp and Workshops for Spring and Summer 2018

Cubism at its’ best by a  6 year old at Little Picasso NYC – 313 E 61 St – NYC  They will get MESSY, They will have FUN, They will create and They will EXPERIMENT with different colors, photos, painting, shapes, clay, texture,animals, cut and paste collages, sculpting, drawing, sketching and print making.  For more info call 646-559-1588

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Fall Leaf Cubism Style

Fall 2016 cubistic leaf 101916October 2016 for ages 5 and up

Falling Leaves at Little Picasso NYC

Print making of Fall Leaves are one of the children’s favorite art projects every new Fall season.  Using real live leaves, the children paint them and press them against their  own unique backdrop of their choice.   In our featured photo, the little artist used watered down tempera paints  with coarse salt sprinkled and left to dry for the texture producing reaction of the salt to take effect.


Adult Evening Classes Ingrid CanepaFB2

Sadie’s Fall Leaves

Sadie's Fall Leaves

When she first walked into the studio a few weeks ago, she refused to pick up a brush nor get close to the easel. She would not stop crying and clung to her Nanny for deal life. Today Sadie cannot break away from her art. She needs to be coaxed out at the end of each class session. Sadie is not yet 3 🙂

The Best of Summer 2013 Modern Abstract Art by the Little Picassos

Anysa B and Chloe M with their Modern Abstract Art 061913 Charlie S and cousin Stella L working on Modern Abstract painting 061213 Dylan Muellers and his mod abstract painting D 051413 Hailey Lau and her Modern Abstract Painting D 072213 Julian Plante and her Modern Abstract painting 092413 Kasra Salehi and his Modern Abastract painting 061413 Nikki R and her Modern Abstract painting G 062713 Novella at LPNYC B 050913

Charlie’s first portrait

Learning the proportions of portrait drawing and painting is a discovering journey
Learning the proportions of portrait drawing and painting is a discovering journey

Charlie S and her very first portrait D 090913 Charlie Schaps' and her first portrait B 091613 Charlie Schaps' and her first portraitF 092313 Charlie Schaps' and her first portrait C 092313 Charlie Schaps' first portrait 092313Charlie's first portrait

4 year old Charlie S learning the proportions of portrait drawing and painting

Summer Projects

Jessica Ren and her deep blue sea with an island L 071013Intern jaili's Deep Blue Sea Lesson Plan for summer workshops 070113

Jessica and her Island In The Deep Blue Sea           The Lesson Plan focuses on shading, tinting and creating patterns

The Birchwood Landscape project

Intern Valentina preparing her birshwood landscape lesson plan B 040813 Natalie Chin and her birchwood landscape painting C 041113

Another hot project at Little Picasso NYC – Children’s Art Studio.  Ages 4 to 8 years old are learning to create a multi-medium painting using oil pastels, water colors and tempera paints.  The birch-wood trees are a popular subject with the kids.  The results are awesome.


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